Univ. of Chile Researchers’ Surprising Conclusion: Success of Chile’s “Schools of Excellence” due to selection

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Study concludes that success of schools of excellence are due to selection

Researchers at the University of Chile analyzed the academic trajectory of 28,000 students.

by Elizabeth Simonsen
Source: La Tercera

Over three thousand (3000) students applied last year for one of the seven hundred (700) seats in the Instituto National, one of the country’s most prestigious high schools, where most students achieve a place at university.

What is the recipe for success?

Are they really efficient flagship high schools?

It attempted to clarify what researchers at the Center for Advanced Research in Education (CIAE), at the University of Chile, in the first research that analyzes whether Chilean “schools of excellence” generate added value, ie, if they are causing their students to achieve even more.

The work was unveiled at the Second Congress of Disciplinary Research in Education, organized by the CIAE and the Center…

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English: A Must for the Future of Chile

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Currently, only 2% of Chileans speak English. That means that 98% are missing an important part of content on the Internet, where knowledge flows today in the most accessible.

Fuente: El Dínamo

In the world today, 402 million people speak English as a first language and more than one billion have learned as a second. By 2015, the British Council estimated that two billion people in the world would speak English. That is, two out of every seven people on the planet. Never was a language spoken by as many people as today. English has never been so imperative that Chileans learn it than now. English has become a “must” for the future of Chile.

In Chile, according to figures from Simce 2011, 89% of students in the 11th grade was not certified at the basic level of the language, which is the gateway to the world.

Fortunately, the Ministry…

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Ten Things the Guidebook Don’t Tell You About… Chile.

I live here! LOL, very true, you didn’t mention how all women curl their eyelashes on the metro using teaspoons…


in Chile, teaching English?

Word of Mouth

Here are some of those odd things you only realise when you get to Chile… in list form!

1. Some supermarkets don’t sell fresh garlic or tins of beans. However, they all have their own supermarket-brand basic tinned mussels – phew.

2. There are dogs EVERYWHERE. The ones on the street are generally pretty calm whereas the ones sat behind gates have anger management issues. They ALL hate cars – so much so that they will chase them down the street barking. This is pretty scary in Santiago as it looks like you’ll run them over but in smaller towns it’s pretty funny. Today, I saw a car completely brought to a standstill by a couple of dogs who had surrounded it barking and refusing to move. More and more dogs just kept coming to join in the fun. Evenually the people had to just park where they were and…

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