War of the Worlds alien description

A big, greyish, rounded bulk, the size perhaps of a bear was rising slowly and painfully out of the cylinder. As it bulged and caught the light, it glistened like wet leather.

Two large, dark-coloured eyes were regarding me steadfastly. The mass that framed them, the head of the thing was rounded, and had, one might say, a face. There was a mouth under the eyes, the lipless brim of which quivered and panted and dropped saliva. The whole creature heaved and pulsated convulsively . A lank tentacular appendage gripped the edge of the cylinder, another swayed in the air.

Those who have never seen a living Martian can scarcely imagine the strange horror of its appearance. The peculiar V shaped mouth with its pained upper lip, the absence of a chin beneath the wedge-like lower lip, the incessant quivering of the mouth, the Gorgon groups of tentacles, the tumultuous breathing of the lungs in a strange atmosphere, the evident painfulness and heaviness of movement due to the greater gravitational energy of the earth -above all, the extraordinary intensity of the immense eyes – were at once vital, intense, human, crippled and monstrous. There was something in the fungoid in the oily, brown skin, something in the clumsy deliberation of the tedious movements which was unspeakably nasty. I was overcome with disgust and dread.


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