My Birthday and Symbolism

1) Match the above pictures to where they appear in the poem.

2) What do these images have in common?

3) Why does the poet use them? Consider in terms of appealing to the five senses

4) The poet also uses them because they are symbolic. Match up the symbols to the ideas.

A symbol is an object that represents an idea.

Symbol                                           Idea

roses                                               clever-intelligence

garden                                              birth/new life

blood                                                 USA

fox                                                       romance

owl                                                       evil

rock                                                      bravery

snake                                                    death

lion                                                        strength

dove                                                       wisdom

mouse                                         Paradise (in Heaven)

rain                                                             sadness

diamond                                                    shyness

sun                                                         infinity/forever

Spring                                                                 life

the colour black                              true feelings, loyalty

white                                                            innocence

😉                                                                     wink

eagle,                                                  peace and purity

7) Think of symbols that can represent these ideas.

Freedom                                     Fear

Life                                              Love

Time                                            Happiness

6) What do you think the above images could symbolism in the time of Rossetti?

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