Theme: Truth

Theme of Truth

Miller´s plays are ‘truthful’ because they are modern realist: they feature normal people and normal settings, and these reflect the big issues of the time. They are more convincing because they present the audience with a true (or comparatively more true than other types of drama) representation of life.

Learn about war propaganda. Watch the video, answer the questions.

1. Is the USA ready for war?

2. These are propaganda films, what does this mean?

3. Do they tell people the truth?

4. Do the US population have the opportunity to know the truth?

5. What persuasive devices do the films use?

6. With AMS, how does Miller explore the idea of truth?

7. What excuses does Joe make?

8. How does this relate to what you have learned about the second world war?

9. What is the playwright trying to tell you?

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