The Neighbours

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‘I resent living next door to the Holy Family.’ (Sue, Act Two)


Jim, Sue, Frank and Lydia are the neighbours on either side of the Kellers. Frank and Lydia have been around the Kellers a long time. Frank knows Annie, and Lydia used to date George. Jim and Sue moved into the Deevers’ old house. The Deevers left after Steve Deever was sent to jail.


The purpose of Jim and Sue is clear in the play. If the Kellers are the fake perfect suburban family, Jim and Sue are the real deal. Jim is weary and aware of what he’s given up for money. Sue is bitter and angry all the time even though she has exactly what she wants. The two clearly have no love for each other anymore. They both know Joe is guilty and choose to keep quiet.


What is the purpose of Frank and Lydia? What do they offer to the landscape? They are well off – Frank’s house is paid for – and have a lot of leisure time. Frank sees movies and does horoscopes. Lydia designs hats. They always seem happy, if a little dim. Neither has a true sense of reality or the real world.


Activities and Exercises


  • Improv conversations between Jim and Sue, and Frank and Lydia. How do they talk about the Kellers behind closed doors?




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