Univ. of Chile Researchers’ Surprising Conclusion: Success of Chile’s “Schools of Excellence” due to selection

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Study concludes that success of schools of excellence are due to selection

Researchers at the University of Chile analyzed the academic trajectory of 28,000 students.

by Elizabeth Simonsen
Source: La Tercera

Over three thousand (3000) students applied last year for one of the seven hundred (700) seats in the Instituto National, one of the country’s most prestigious high schools, where most students achieve a place at university.

What is the recipe for success?

Are they really efficient flagship high schools?

It attempted to clarify what researchers at the Center for Advanced Research in Education (CIAE), at the University of Chile, in the first research that analyzes whether Chilean “schools of excellence” generate added value, ie, if they are causing their students to achieve even more.

The work was unveiled at the Second Congress of Disciplinary Research in Education, organized by the CIAE and the Center…

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