English: A Must for the Future of Chile

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Currently, only 2% of Chileans speak English. That means that 98% are missing an important part of content on the Internet, where knowledge flows today in the most accessible.

Fuente: El Dínamo

In the world today, 402 million people speak English as a first language and more than one billion have learned as a second. By 2015, the British Council estimated that two billion people in the world would speak English. That is, two out of every seven people on the planet. Never was a language spoken by as many people as today. English has never been so imperative that Chileans learn it than now. English has become a “must” for the future of Chile.

In Chile, according to figures from Simce 2011, 89% of students in the 11th grade was not certified at the basic level of the language, which is the gateway to the world.

Fortunately, the Ministry…

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