Lesson Plan, Prepositions/Future Perfect

Reading: Ss will recognise will/going to/the future perfect.

Speaking: Ss will be able to accurately use future prepositions: before/by/when and the future perfect and will be able to produce written and spoken examples of these. .

Intermediate Students. Class should take one hour.

Brainstorm examples of modern technology, eg. nano surgeons, cars that drive themselves, holographic conferences, a second earth.

In pairs, students make three predictions about the social, economic and personal consequences of such inventions.

Students look at the text below about the future, they put the words in bold into star diagrams using these headings: work, leisure and social life, health, other.

Teleworking and computer conferencing will mean that a lot more people will either work freelance from home, or on flexible, short-term contracts.

Highly skilled professionals will be under pressure to work longer hours, while much of the mundane work will be done by machines, leading to high unemployment amongstunskilled workers.

With inventions like cell phones and hand-held computers, it will be more difficult to escape from work – it will become more difficult to ‘get away from it all.’ Already the average American is working 163 hours a year more than thirty years ago.

Labor saving devices and the resulting sedentary lifestyle will lead to an epidemic in obesity.

A growth of on-line shopping and working at home may mean that our city centers will become deserted. The resulting lack of social interaction could lead to depression and widespread mental health problems.

Supermarket experts believe that in a few years we’ll be eating far more functional foods, e.g. specially grown foods with cancer fighting properties.

Mechanical hearts will soon be used for transplants, removing the pressure to find human donors.

The first artificial eyes are set to appear in the next few years.

Most experts agree that we’re going to have to find ways of becoming more active if we are to stay fit and healthy.

It is predicted that by 2020, cash will have virtually disappeared

Ask the students to answer these questions for each above point.

What will happen in the future?                                So what will happen after that?

When will it happen?

Make sentences from each point following the example below.

By ????, cash will have disappeared.

By the time we have used all of our resources, we will have destroyed the planet.

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