Lesson plan: ´for´and ´since´

Class objective: Students will be able to talk about the past using ‘for’ and ‘since’ correctly.

Writing: Correct each other’s work`

Speaking: Perform an interview in English.

Write up ‘since’ and ‘for’ on the board. Students put the following words in the correct column and make random sentences. Eg, I have been going to the gym for 8 years/since I arrived in Chile.

1998, eight years, yesterday, a year, 11 years old, this morning, a month

Elicit the rule: ‘for’ is followed by a number/quantity of time.

‘since’ is followed by a date/age/event.

You need a picture of person with a blank face – looks great if you find one in a magazine, and just cut out the face. You can use one for the entire class, but its more interesting if you give each student a different one.

Tell the students they are the face-less person, and they are going to be interviewed by ‘The Guardian’ newspaper. They need to decide on the details of their life (and use their imagination!) and make brief notes using the ideas below. Do not let them write complete sentences.  The student’s can base it on their life, a real person, or an imaginary one.

-What’s your job, how long for? And where? With which company?

-You’ve got a new hobby, what is it? Where do you play? Why did you start?

-You have a famous best friend, who is it? How did you meet? When did you meet? Your previous marriages?

-You live somewhere beautiful, where? How long? Why did you choose to live there?

-You’re married. How long for? To who? Where did you get married? How many children do you have?

-You used to live in the UK, where? Did you like it? Do you miss it?

-You’re a writer as well, how long? How many books? Your most successful book?

Encourage students to use ‘for’ and ‘since.’

Next you need a picture of a talk-show host (Ellen/Oprah/Parkinson/etc.)

Students need to write questions based on the points below. This time they can write full sentences if they need to.

-His/her career, how long? Does he/she enjoy it? Where do they work? Which company?

-Hobbies? When? Where? How often?

-Friends? Who? Where did they meet?

-Previously married? Married now? Who? How long? Where did they get married?


-Live where? How long for? Where did they choose to live there? —Where live before? They liked it? They miss it now?

-Do any other work?

Next give the students a letter, A or B. The A’s need to interview the B’s. This could take about 20-30 minutes.

Then the students swap, and the B’s interview the A’s.

If you have time and students are willing, have the students perform their interviews in front of the class.

want to find more students to teach?

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